Saturday, June 24, 2006

Boomers Want Adventure Travel

Adventure trips and cruise ships rank at the top of Baby Boomer travel plans according to several recent surveys.

As such, some cruise ships are now equipped with surfboard pools, rock-climbing walls, basketball courts, boxing rings, fitness centers...even ice rinks. And, of course, wireless phone and computer connections are standard elements.

Baby Boomers view travel quite differently than did their parents. A study conducted by the Association of Travel Marketing Executives provided the following Boomer marketing tips for the travel industry:
  • Travel is considered a necessity, not a luxury. Boomers were involved in 268.9 million trips in 2003, more than any other group. This encompassed 43 percent of all domestic travel. A child also accompanied one-third of these travelers.
  • Instant Gratification is preferred. Boomers want more things to do, with less time spent traveling from place to place. Therefore, internet access and connectivity are essential.
  • Comforts are a plus. A wide array of trendy choices are appreciated, and may even be expected.
  • Activity, flexibility and fun are key elements for Boomers. Educational travel is okay, if it is not packed with lectures.
Preferred travel includes adventure without great risk.